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 Integrated Community Development Project (ICDP)


Is a legal rights related project and was supported by Diakonia Thailand Foundation aiming to empower and awareness building in Rights-based integrated holistic community development capacity development of Community Rights Networking in Northern Thailand.


The following report is a summary of ICDP project activities and its outcomes in 2016-2018.


1) Thai citizenship: The project had organized empowerment training in 55 target communities where 3,623 participants have participated.  According to the follow-up reviews and analysis survey, it was learned that knowledge on legal rights accessing with the relevant government agencies had increased 61% compared to the previous years. There were 1,882 members (female 808 and 955 males) have had passed screening process while total 706 (436 female and 270 males) were properly granted citizenship from the government.


2) Child/youth and women rights: The project had estimated there are 55% increase in the fields of child and women’s rights on protection from various kinds of abuses and violence’s in the families along with just and fair pays for the wages and gender equity in various levels of leadership roles related to community development, management and governance are also promoted through capacity development and empowerment training workshops and mobilization activities. 


3) Counselling centres: The project established 8 counselling centres where community members can utilize as legal consultations with legal networking volunteers.



4) Land Title Deeds:  Total 2,167 participants from 30 communities have learned government Master Plan on Nation Forestry Management regarding to reclaim back the villagers’ farm lands to national forestry. Total 4 communities have been in development of legal process for getting Land Title Deeds.  At present, total 2 of them were ready to submit legal


Story of Change: Miss Tuli’s (Communities Volunteer of Project)


Miss Tuli’s, age 20 year old and the second daughter in her family of 6. She’s family live in Rajchaboot Lahu village at No. 45, Moo 9, Tambon Ban Pam, Amphur Mae Taen of Chiang Mai Province. 

“ My family live by growing rain-fed high land rice on the hill-side field for home consumption while growing corn for sales and seasonal vegetables for home consumption,  We also raise small animals – pigs and chickens for home consumption and surplus for sales to neighbouring families in the village.


Unfortunately, our family is one of 27 families in the village who were moved into this village from Myanmar not too long ago and did not receive any kind of official documents such as census survey, family registration and or passed any other citizenship screening process. Therefore, I was allowed (with other students in our village) to study only at the primary school in a neighbouring Thai village at approximately 4 kilometre away from our village, We were told that we could not be able to continue further education after we have finished primary education (Grade 6) in that government’s village school due to having no citizenship.


Those disadvantaged 27 families in our village have learned that we are losing legal rights, especially Thai citizenship and related legal services and the local Thai village headmen have offered their assistance to go through citizenship screening approval process if we are willing to pay such amount of money to them to cover relevant expenses that they have to spend in the process.  Innocent villagers had agreed to pay those requested money to those Thai headmen, hoping that they will get Thai citizenship that they are eagerly needed to be obtaining.  Unfortunately, those Thai headmen had gave the fate citizenship and ID cards after getting the money that they wanted. Later, some of the villagers had approached Mae Taeng District Administrative Office for legal purposes, they were told and warned that their ID cards are fate and not to use anymore. Then, those headmen were never shown-up to them again.  The villagers had no-where to go to complain about their loses in this citizenship process”.




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