·      History

     The Thailand Lahu Development Foundation (TLDF) is a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which was established and legally registered at Chiang Mai Provincial office on March 1, 2012 . TLDF is a privately owned organization which focuses on development work and is not connected with church activities. The foundation’s mandate is in social service, having clearly defined boundaries separating it from religious agenda. Though, TLDF works with 200 communities, it’s outreach focuses on non-church members of Lahu ethnic groups with diverse religious backgrounds who are living in Thailand and Myanmar. 


·      TLDF Vision

o  A dignified livelihood is possible for Lahu people in diverse societies.


·      TLDF Mission

o  To promote community-driven holistic development towards sustainable livelihood of Lahu people.


·      Purpose of the Foundation

o      To develop and empower community capacity for integrated development.

o      To promote and encourage integrated education for children, youth and women.

o      To promote and encourage career development for the community.

o      To promote and encourage respect for human dignity. 

o      To collaborate with other like-minded networks.